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We are here to help you obtain third-party funding. You can talk to us in person or on the phone. The contact details for our employees are shown below. Please do not hesitate to contact them for advice.

Department Head

Irina Berger
Building: FD.01.20
Tel.: 0202 / 439 - 3811

Deputy Department Head
Ulrike Hartig

Building: FD.00.10b
Tel.: 0202 / 439 - 3806

European research funding

Ulrike Hartig
Building: FD.0.10b
Tel.: 0202-439 - 3806
Email: uhartig{at}

Betisa Schahabian
Building: FD.0.10b
Tel.: 0202-439 - 2866
Email: schahabian{at}

National research funding

Carolin Sonnenschein
Building: : B.07.04
Tel.: 0202-439 - 5135
Email: sonnenschein{at}

Tiana Wiebusch
Building: : B.07.04
Tel.: 0202-439 - 3810
Email: twiebusch{at}

Contract management

Peter Augustin
Building: FD.0.10a
Tel.: 0202-439 - 1060
Email: paugustin{at}

Christoph Jochindke
Building: FD.00.10a
Tel.: 0202-439 - 2326
Email: jochindke{at}

PhD funding at the University of Wuppertal

Melanie Kraft
Building: FD.01.15
Tel.-Nr.: 0202-439-2983
Email: kraft{at}

Managemenf of third-party funds

Ulrike Hartig
General questions, EU and International
Building: FD.00.10b
Tel.: 0202-439-3806
Email: uhartig{at}

Jürgen Werner
General questions, national and tax matters
Building: FD.01.19
Tel.: 0202-439-2315
Email: jwerner{at}


Carolin Sonnenschein
Building: B.07.04
Tel.: 0202-439-5135
Email: sonnenschein{at}